If you're thinking about buying farm & ranch property in Texas here are a few things to keep in mind.


  • PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTIONS - Each county has it's own requirements, but most require a minimum of 10 acres to maintain an agriculture exemption.

  • PROPERTY USE - Make sure you can use the property for what you intended it for and find out if the land is "restricted" or "unrestricted". Common land restrictions include regulations such as no mobile homes, no junkyards, no pig farms, no shooting ranges, and no commercial businesses. 

  • UTILITIES - Know where the power is going to come from and who the provider is. This includes electricity, public water vs. well water and access to satellite signals for cable and internet. 

  • PROPERTY LEASES - It is relatively common for rural properties to have grass and hunting leases. When buying a property it's best to terminate existing leases prior to closing. 

  • SURVEY - Always get a land survey to determine your property lines and verify the actual amount of acres you are buying. This is required by the lender if you are applying for a mortgage loan.

  • FLOODPLAINS - Sometimes your survey will show the floodplain on a property but not always.  Be aware of the floodplain areas and make sure they don't adversely affect your home build site or the intended use of the property.